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You Need to Take Your Van Hool Bus Body to Omega Bus Repair Shop

Omega Bus Repair Shop is the only place in all of NYC that knows how to take care of each and every part of your Van Hool Bus. Our ace team of certified mechanics has a very rare skill set that helps them take care of Van Hool vehicles better than anyone else around. If you are having an issue with your bus body, there’s nowhere else you should go. We work hard and will do anything to keep your business and keep you as a loyal customer. We specialize in everything involving Van Hool buses and are nothing like your average auto shop. Our knowledge of Van Hool coaches spans for more than 20 years. We are beyond experts, at this point. Omega Bus Repair Shop is a wonderful combination of experienced technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and our insane ability to get your bus back on the road in very little time. We simply understand Van Hool buses and bus parts better than anyone else in the area, and we’re here to work for you. Call us today at 347-486-3777 and let’s start the conversation!


Attention all Van Hool bus operators, let it be known that our reach extends much further than just Brooklyn or Manhattan. If you own a fleet of vehicles that are based in Long Island, the Bronx or anywhere in-between, we can still provide you with our incredible deals and unbeatable service. And we can even work on just a single vehicle or a single part of a vehicle. We do it all. If there is an issue solely with your Van Hool bus body, we have you covered. Our customers come to us from all over the state and continually use our services because they know very well that no one else is able to care for their Van Hool vehicle quite like us. Our industry-leading repairs and tune-ups will make sure that your bus body is looking pristine and serving its purpose. We will service your van in a way that it will require significantly less check-ups than if you were to go see some of our competitors. The difference is that we want you to come and see us only when necessary for the health of you bus body. Give us a call today to chat with one of our friendly team members and set up a consultation so we can diagnose the problem that you are having with your vehicle. Our experienced team of mechanics understands Van Hool vehicles better than anyone else. When it comes to servicing a Van Hool bus body, Omega Bus Repair shop is the only place you should be going. Give us a call right now!

Omega Bus Repair Shop Will Treat your Van Hool Bus Body Better

Omega Bus Repair Shop is not about inflated rates and average service. We have been taking care of Van Hool vehicles in the NYC Metro area for over 20 years. At this point, we’re experts. The stellar repairs and amazingly affordable price points that we bring to the table keep our loyal clients returning to us over and over. It is a terrible truth that a bus owner often has to choose between the high price tag of manufacturer service and an average auto mechanic who doesn’t know much about taking care of a Van Hool bus body. Van Hool creates very unique vehicles that require a specific kind of care that Omega Bus Repair Shop can provide. We have an excellent price of service and our expert team of mechanics will work tirelessly to maintain and improve your bus body in every way. We have a priceless understanding of all Van Hool vehicles that comes with our over 20 years of service. Give us a call right now to learn about all the services that we can offer you. Let’s set up a consultation to help us take care of you and your Van Hool bus body.

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Mechanics are pleasant and very efficient. They quickly diagnosed the problem and swapped out the defective part. The whole procedure took no more than 45 minutes. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you.


Best experience! Have been doing a maintenance on bus at Omega Repair and recommend them to others.


Amazing service and work. I was passing through town on a long trip when my brakes went out on Friday night at 6pm! They were so helpful and had it all fixed by 7:30pm. Very friendly as well. I highly recommend this place.


Great Staff and Service!  Real professionals when it come to bus repairs.