Bus Electrical Wiring Problem? No Problem for Omega Bus Repair!

When the wiring in your bus develops a fault, the results can be catastrophic. But they don’t have to be, and they don’t have to stay problems for long! Omega Bus Repair has a gifted staff of technicians and mechanics armed with the latest computer diagnostic tools (as well as their over thirty years’ experience in bus maintenance) to make sure that bus electrical work is no longer an issue for your chauffeur or tour service! Whether your bus is old and the wiring has begun to corrode or simply becoming unstable due to the accumulated vibration over the passage of time, or if you have a more serious and threatening problem like rodent damage or even vandalism or sabotage, there’s nobody in the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan or anywhere else in New York who can offer better service on your necessary bus electrical work than Omega Bus Repair! Call us straight away at 347-486-3777 to get a consultation and quote on your bus electrical work that you need done, and let Omega Bus Repair handle the entirety of your problems! We’re fast, easy to work with, professional and economical — the perfect choice for any bus repair needs you may have! That’s why we’re number one in the state of New York for bus repairs of all types (especially Van Hool buses)! Call us today and find out just how easy it can be to get your bus electrical work taken care of professionally and reliably – with Omega Bus Repair!


Make All Your Electrical Problems Go Away with Omega Bus Repair!

By far the most unsettling failure mode for a bus is a fault in the electrical system. Not only can these problems be tricky to locate and diagnose, but when you’re driving a multi-ton bus at speed, you rely on the instruments that are powered by your bus’s electrical system for your safety and that of your passengers! At best, an electrical fault inconveniences the driver and erodes passenger confidence (like when the lights intermittently dim or fail during road shock, acceleration, or other intermittent failure modes). At worst, it can lead to an unstable driving situation where important indicators and readouts fail to function at all and make driving the bus not just inconvenient but unsafe. That’s why it’s important, when your bus develops the signs of an electrical fault, to have the bus electrical work done immediately and by an experienced, reliable professional like the technicians and mechanics employed by Omega Bus Repair! We’re well known throughout New York (including the New York City boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn) for being the most professional provider of bus electrical wiring solutions and quick repairs! You want to get your bus back in action at top condition not just speedily but also reliably, so you don’t want to hire a fly-by-night slipshod technician for the job — that’ll just have you experiencing the same issues in a few months or a year. You want someone like Omega Bus Repair on the job so that your bus electrical wiring problems become a thing of the past — permanently! Call us today for an estimate and to schedule an appointment for your bus electrical wiring repair!

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Mechanics are pleasant and very efficient. They quickly diagnosed the problem and swapped out the defective part. The whole procedure took no more than 45 minutes. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you.


Best experience! Have been doing a maintenance on bus at Omega Repair and recommend them to others.


Amazing service and work. I was passing through town on a long trip when my brakes went out on Friday night at 6pm! They were so helpful and had it all fixed by 7:30pm. Very friendly as well. I highly recommend this place.


Great Staff and Service!  Real professionals when it come to bus repairs.