No One Knows Van Hool Charter Buses Like Omega Bus Repair Shop

If you treat your Van Hool charter bus right, then it will be able to work harder and longer for you. Taking care of a charter bus right begins with taking your vehicle to the right place when it needs to be serviced. It’s not wise to take a charter bus to an average auto shop, just bring it to us. Omega Bus Repair Shop has 20 years of experience working on Van Hool vehicles. Our clients come from Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and beyond because they know that no one else knows how to take care of their Van Hool charter buses like we do. Omega Bus Repair Shop knows best. Our certified mechanics are all talented, knowledgeable individuals. We don’t even like to call them mechanics, they’re truly auto experts. Our team has a specified expertise with Van Hool charter buses that makes Omega Bus Repair truly unique and wonderful. We are not a typical auto mechanic, we solely work on Van Hool buses. There really is no other shop to go for bus repair that can compete with our impressive track record or has our team of experts. We provide a unique service that no one else in the New York area can match in terms of quality. Omega Bus Repair Shop is the only place to go for Van Hool charter bus service and repair. Call us today at 347-486-3777. Set up a consultation and we can figure out how best to serve you. Our consultations don’t cost you a thing and they are very quick and easy. Let’s work together to keep your Van Hool charter bus running at top speed and health.

Customer Service is Very Important to us at Omega Bus Repair Shop

Being treated impolitely or ignored like you’re unintelligent at a repair shop is a terrible feeling. Omega Bus Repair Shop brings you quality customer service and amazing care for your Van Hool charter bus. Our customer service is equally as amazing as our best-in-the-business service repair. It’s just not possible to succeed for 20 years in this business without taking extra special care of each and every one of your loyal clients. We pride ourselves on our customer relationships and definitely credit them as one of the main reasons we’ve been able to maintain our loyal clientele for so many years. Omega Bus Repair Shop takes care of customers from all over the Staten Island, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and elsewhere in the NYC  Area. Buses that have to handle New York city streets need the ultimate excellence and incredible experience that Omega Bus Repair Shop brings to the table. Our below par competitors and their average service will leave you dissatisfied and annoyed. Let us take care of you! We treat our customers with the same love and care we show to their Van Hool vehicles. One of our most vital methods of service is getting to know the customer and the vehicles beforehand through a consultation. We can better help you if we know what your specific needs are. It’s very important to us to know about you and your vehicle and/or fleet of vehicles in order for us to offer you the highest quality of service. Give us a call today!

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Mechanics are pleasant and very efficient. They quickly diagnosed the problem and swapped out the defective part. The whole procedure took no more than 45 minutes. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you.


Best experience! Have been doing a maintenance on bus at Omega Repair and recommend them to others.


Amazing service and work. I was passing through town on a long trip when my brakes went out on Friday night at 6pm! They were so helpful and had it all fixed by 7:30pm. Very friendly as well. I highly recommend this place.


Great Staff and Service!  Real professionals when it come to bus repairs.