The Dog Bite From Hell: My Personal Injury Case

personal injury atorneysI’ve always considered myself a dog person and honestly to this day I still do. If a dog is out of control that almost always points to a bad owner. Unfortunately, there’s a point where that doesn’t matter, and when the lab bites down on my arm after racing across the street to get to me, well that was the point (and since it was a black lab – a terrible owner).

This wasn’t a one of a bite, either. The dog latched on, pulled, shook – let’s say there’s some damage underneath those scars that are never going to heal back to what it was entirely. I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

Need A Personal Injury Attorney For The Case.

personal injury lawyerSo I found myself injured from a dog bite and needing a personal injury attorney to make sure the owner paid for the injuries and took responsibility for his negligence. Good thing, too, because the guy tried counter-suing. Can you believe that?

Fortunately, there was never any significant danger of losing the case, not with the attorney knowing the state laws inside and out and relentless in defending my rights as his client. While I certainly never hope to be in that situation again I was glad to have an experienced personal injury attorney who knew how to take care of me.