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There’s no better place in NYC to go for a Van Hool bus repair than Omega Bus Repair Shop. Why are we the one and only place you should come to for repairs on your Van Hool Bus? Let’s just get started with the fact that we have been practicing and perfecting the art of bus repair for over 20 years and we just keep on getting better. We have been evolving with the ever-changing automotive industry and are proud to utilize ground-breaking, state-of-the-art technology that helps us get your Van Hool bus back on the road quicker and helps it stay on the road, where it should be. A bus is a very hard-working vehicle that gets a lot of wear and tear just by being driven all the time. Because it is perpetually in motion and shuttles large numbers of people around entire cities it needs some extra love and Omega Bus Repair shop knows just what kind of love it needs. We are here for you and your bus.

We are not just your average auto mechanic, we are specialists who are masters of our craft. Every one of our mechanic specialists is certified and exceptionally skilled at what they do. No one in NYC or anywhere knows how to handle a van Hool bus quite like we do. Regardless of the year, make or model, we are proud of our ability to handle any vehicle that is brought to our door. We have customers that come from Brooklyn, Staten Island and elsewhere to utilize our incredible services. Call us right now at 347-486-3777 to speak to one of our many bus repair experts and schedule a consultation.

In Brooklyn, Staten Island and all NYC our Bus Repair is Supreme

Are our expert mechanics the best in the business? Of course. Are the repair jobs we have done and continue to do the absolute best treatment a Van Hool can get? Yes and Yes. But beyond that, our excellent customer service sets us even father ahead of our competition in every way. Usually great auto mechanic specialists don’t necessarily have to be the friendliest or have the best customer service because they’re so good at what they do. Not Omega Bus Repair Shop. We were fed up with dealing with unfriendly, aloof mechanic specialists and decided that customer service was something we wanted to focus on and make sure we accomplished that in addition to our world class repairs on each and every Van Hool we are fortunate to have the pleasure of servicing. We believe in our customer service so strongly that we have a satisfaction guaranteed policy that we strictly adhere to. We want nothing more than to keep you and your Van Hool bus happy. For us to get to know you and your Van Hool bus better, give us a call at 347-486-377 and schedule a consultation. We take every repair job very seriously and want it to be as personalized as possible, that’s why setting up a consultation with us is so important. Help us help you and your Van Hool bus.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

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    Latest Diagnostics

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    Best in New York City

  • 20 years in Business

    20 years in Business

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    Certified Experts

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Mechanics are pleasant and very efficient. They quickly diagnosed the problem and swapped out the defective part. The whole procedure took no more than 45 minutes. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you.


Best experience! Have been doing a maintenance on bus at Omega Repair and recommend them to others.


Amazing service and work. I was passing through town on a long trip when my brakes went out on Friday night at 6pm! They were so helpful and had it all fixed by 7:30pm. Very friendly as well. I highly recommend this place.


Great Staff and Service!  Real professionals when it come to bus repairs.